A workout featured in a recent episode of NBC's hit show "This is Us" is inspiring a group in Jefferson City in their journey to get healthy. 

On the show, one of the main characters, Kate, visits a POUND workout class. The workout combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates movements, all while using weight Ripstix. 

According to its website, the workout was created by former recreational drummers and athletes in Los Angeles in 2011. The classes have spread across the nation. 

In "This is Us," Kate pounds through the motions, working to lose weight, but also letting go of some of her emotional struggles. 

POUND Pro Instructor Kristy Flatford teaches a class at CrossFit for the Masses in Jefferson City. She said the workout focuses more on mind and soul than body. 

"It's just empowering," she said. "You come in here, you're feeling down, or you may lack self-confidence or anything to that nature. You come in to pound for an hour, you go out that door, and you think you can do anything."

Jennifer Ladd has been taking POUND classes for about a year. She is mom to a toddler, and this is her way to work off the baby weight, as well as the challenges of motherhood. 

"It's a good way to get my cardio in, and it's fun with other women who have been in the same type of situation that I've been in," Ladd said. 

She has been watching "This is Us" and saw the episode that featured the POUND workouts. 

"We were like 'oh, we have those Ripstix,' and 'oh, we do those moves,'" she said. 

Ladd said it's inspiring to watch Kate as she keeps trying new ways to get healthy in each episode, and she can relate to the emotional part of her journey. 

"I definitely related to her when she was going through that," she said. "There have been times that I've yelled or screamed or let it out there as well, maybe not tears, but excitement and joy."

She said like Kate, she's still trying to make sure she's herself, even if she loses the weight. 

"I've always been big," Ladd said. "I've always been, you know, she had that whole ordeal she was going through, and I think that you have to find yourself and be confident in who you are."