The Tennessee Highway Patrol is cracking down on distracted driving.

From Oct. 9 to Oct. 12, THP is partnering with local law enforcement agencies for the state's second statewide bus tour.

THP and law enforcement rode around in large, black and tan buses with THP logos Monday. Officers on the buses told officers in patrol cars on the road of any traffic violations they see.

“Distracted driving continues to be a major threat to the safety of our highways,” Commissioner David W. Purkey of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security said.

Tennessee’s first bus tour yielded more than 200 traffic citations, according to Tennessee Highway Patrol.

“The purpose of the bus tour is to assist law enforcement in targeting drivers who are distracted in any way, shape, or form. This means driving while eating, texting, tweeting, snapchatting, or any other behavior indicating lack of due care. We ask motorists to focus, drive using hands-free technology, and keep both eyes on the road at all times, Vic Donoho, Director of the THSO, said.