ID=6827683(WBIR) A woman accused of burning, beating and handcuffing her step-children was in court again Monday morning.

Jessica Cox and Mike McIntosh, the teens' biological father, both appeared in Knox County Criminal Court Monday for a motions hearing. The court granted one of the defendants a new lawyer, and delayed the couple's trial originally set for May to August.

A 14-year-old boy told a judge in October that Cox not only beat him, but his 16-year-old brother as well. The teen said Cox abused his older brother the most, forcing him to sit for hours handcuffed to a kitchen cabinet and denying him food for days. He said he also saw his step-mom beat his brother in the feet with rolling pins and mallets. He told the judge Cox also held his brother's head under water in an icy bath tub, before burning his penis with a lit cigarette.

The teenager said he and his brother were finally able to escape on May 28, 2013. Cox allegedly handcuffed both of the boys together on the kitchen floor, looping the cuffs around a kitchen cabinet. Eventually, they were able unhook the cuffs from the cabinet. They waited in their mobile home on Canton Hollow until McIntosh and Cox went to sleep, and then slipped out a window. The boys eventually were able to make it to Farragut High School where a janitor found them and called police.