There's a new way to interact with WBIR 10News while watching our newscasts.

All a viewer needs is an opinion and a smartphone, tablet or computer.

WBIR will post a question on the air and on The question topics will vary - one newscast it could be a trivia question, and the next an opinion poll.

When the question is live, it will appear on Viewers can select the answer they want to register in o order to vote.

The vote will immediately be tallied on the viewer's device, and will show up the screen during the newscasts. Viewers will be able to see how their answers compare to others in the community.

The most popular answer will be brighter than the other answers.

A viewer can change his or her vote until we close the voting period. However, there is only one vote per device.

Click here for more ways to interact with WBIR 10News.

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