A new car service has rolled into Knoxville, offering rides with just a tap on your mobile phone.

Uber is an application that provides affordable and reliable transportation options. Knoxville was one of 22 college towns across the country where Uber is offering its services.

"Knoxville was high on our list just given the number of users that had signed up for the service before we were even there, and the number of drivers that had also signed up and wanted to partner with us," said Billy Guernier, Uber general manager for the southeast.

Guernier said all Uber drivers must go through a "rigorous background check." He said this includes checking with multiple county and federal databases, the national sex offender registry, and looking at driving records.

The City of Knoxville requires all vehicles for hire to have a certificate, driver's permit, and a city vehicle inspection. Uber does not require their drivers to have these. According to city ordinances, police officers can ticket and fine Uber drivers if they catch them without a certificate, driver's permit, or vehicle inspection.

To celebrate its arrival, Uber users will get their first five rides for free through Monday, Sept. 1. All you have to do is use the promotional code "VOLSFREE."

Some pricing examples:

  • Fares from Neyland Stadium to The Public House are around $7
  • Fraternity Park Drive to West Town Mall are around $17
  • Rec Center to Neyland Stadium are only $5
  • Split the cost of the trip with friends for an even more affordable ride!

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