Crews continue to make progress on The Cove at Concord Park after numerous storms have moved through the area.

The powerful winds tore down trees and power lines causing around $150,000 worth of damage according to county leaders.

The utility board is now working to make sure this doesn't happen again. Much of the debris has been cleared away, and power poles are being replaced with the help of a subcontractor for the Lenoir City Utilities Board.

Valley Excavating is replacing damaged power poles with underground lines.

Chad Clinney, of Valley Excavating, says that other than the fact it looks nicer this way, this will better prepare the area for future storms.

"If another storm comes like it did, they still have power," said Clinney. "It's sort of a main line going out on the road."

LCUB believes the underground line is a smart investment in the long term despite the expensive cost up front.

"Long term, it's cheaper to go underground because you don't have crews working through the night getting power back on," said Clinney.

Once the subcontractor wraps up, LCUB will come in with ground level transformers that will be spread across The Cove. Until then, crews will keep busy cleaning up the debris the storms left behind.

Officials hope to have a portion of the park open by Friday, and hope to have the entire park open by June 16.