Union County High School has submitted a request to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association seeking independent status for its football team.

The team is on a 26-game losing streak that dates back to September 2014. Administrators say they've also struggled to have enough players to field a team.

Director of Schools Jimmy Carter says the school has not made a final decision about becoming an independent football program. They want to see what the new coach's opinion is on independent status and see how the district shapes up for next season.

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We reached out to the TSSAA Board of Control on Friday. They share that in order to participate in the Football Playoff series independently, a school must have a legitimate reason.

After discussion with the Union County administration, Bernard Childress with the TSSAA said they agree that Union County has a legitimate reason to have an independent schedule.

"We have discussed this with the Union County administration and feel they do have a legitimate reason to have an independent schedule for a couple of years," Childress said in an email to WBIR 10News. "We will support their request to play an independent schedule and continue to participate in the basketball tournament."

The school meets with the TSSAA on Nov. 17.