Off-Campus and Commuter Services at the University of Tennessee provided any easy way for students to get home to West Tennessee for Thanksgiving.

UT 2 West TN is a program helping provide students a safe and reliable way to see their families for major holidays and breaks. As many as 100 students came out Wednesday afternoon to get on the bus to see their families.

"I think this is a great experience honestly," Andrew Chapman, a sophomore at the University of Tennessee, said. "I've been taking this for about a year, and like, when it comes to transportation, it's an easier and safer route for me to travel."

The program is roundtrip to Memphis and Jackson. Students can pay $55 for the trip knowing they will get home. Many students are happy to ride the bus with friends from their home towns.

"The cool thing is going on the trip, you get to see some of your friends," Martin Currica, a UT junior, said.

Trips are also provided during winter break and spring break for students to go home.

The UT 2 West TN has a website for contributions to help keep the cost of the program for students and families lower and helps to serve multiple students.