As the Tennessee Vols kicked off their season Monday night, it marked the first game for this year's freshman class of students on campus.

And for the first time, many students in the freshman class were born after the 1998 Vols season. That means they have no firsthand memories of seeing the Vols win the national championship.

10News asked freshmen on campus what they know about the Vols '98 season.

Freshman Matt McCaig said, "Didn't they go undefeated? That's pretty much all I know about it."

Kelsey Ziegler, also a freshman, said, "They won the S-E... No, they won the national championship, right? Yea, it was a big year here in Tennessee."

If you ask older Vol fans, they still have very clear memories of the magic of the '98 season.

"We had lost Peyton. He was going to the pros, and everybody thought we missed out window," Andy Sellers, a longtime Vol fan, said. "And then all of a sudden here comes Tee Martin, and he picks up where Peyton left off and was able to make something happen."

The '98 season was the one Vol fans had been waiting to see for a long time.

"For them to finally reach that stage and win a game that big, it was really awesome to be alive and witness," said Marshall West, a lifetime Vol fan.

Many of the freshmen on the UT campus may not know the history of what happened in 1998, but they are hopeful Tennessee will make new memories in 2017.

"I'm hoping they're going to do it again, especially when I'm here," Caroline Downes, a freshman, said. "That'd be really amazing."

Shannon Dennard, also a freshman, said, "I think they can go that famous 13 and 0 again, I feel like they can do it."