Big time games against big time opponents - it's what brings many students to the University of Tennessee. But according to the school, many students with tickets are choosing to skip the games.

UT says 1,300 students with tickets didn't show for the Florida game and 1,500 skipped the Alabama game.

"People really want to go to that game, for you not to show up that's a waste,” said one student we talked to on campus Friday.

“I knew quite a few people that weren't able to go to the game,” said another.

Student tickets are handled through The student government association gives them feedback on how the process is working.

SGA president Carson Hollingsworth says they're aware of the issue.

"It's very concerning for me because I'm seeing fellow students who want to go to these games not having an opportunity to go to the game,” explained Hollingsworth.

But the student section isn't the only place you'll find empty seats.

“I know in terms of the no-show rate for the student section, it's pretty much the same as the rest of the stadium,” said Hollingsworth.

“You plan on going to the game and then you're tailgating and you don't want to leave the tailgate and settle for watching it on TV,” explained one student.

Some Vols believe a punishment might put an end to skipping games.

“If it happens three or four times consecutively they should be banned from getting tickets or there should be some sort of hold on their account,” one student suggested.

Right now, the SGA is looking at incentives that could make the games a better time for all students.

"I think we need a better campaign to get students to show up to the game and stay at the game,” said Hollingsworth.

10News heard from many students on social media that attendance was high in their section during both the Alabama and Florida games.