The UT Vet School is still taking care of eight animals following the Sevier County wildfires, seven of those are cats.

The cats received burns to their face and paws, and many of them still have bandages on to protect the wounds. The most critical cats are receiving oxygen treatments.

"It's supposed to make wounds heal faster," said Clinical Assistant Professor Adesola Odunayo.

At least one cat had to have surgery, and some are still on a feeding tube.

"We are working really hard to make sure he's comfortable, so he's not painful," said Odunayo about 'Topper' the cat.

The cats may leave the hospital with a few scars or singed whiskers, but the students are working hard to make sure each cat makes a full recovery.

"My mind is blown. I definitely have a lot of empathy for the cats not knowing what's going on and all of a sudden just having to deal with that. But, I am also impressed by their resilience," said Odunayo.

Some owners have already been located, but at least one of the cats will be availble for adoption once they make a full recovery.