Barbara, a six month old horse from Texas, is getting a chance to live a happier life thanks to veterinarians at the University of Tennessee.

Barbara was born with a deformity known as "Wry Nose." Essentially, her snout is slanted to one side.

Dr. Tanner Snowden, a surgery resident who participated in the operation, said it can make things difficult for horses, especially once they get older. Eating food can be difficult.

"She can chew a lot better with jaws in alignment," said Snowden. "It's essentially to improve her quality of life."

Dr. James Schumacher is known for his success at operating on patients with Barbara's condition, explaining the trip for the foal from the Longhorn State.

Barbara will spend the next six weeks recovering in the ICU at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine. There, the doctors will monitor how the bones form and the face heal. There is a potential that the foal will need additional surgery on her jaw.

"Barbara is a great patient," said Snowden, "she is a pleasure to work with."