After dozens of fake tickets appeared at recent Vol football games, the University of Tennessee Police Department and UT ticket office are trying to make sure fans don't get ripped off.

UTPD Chief Lane said Friday morning that fans should avoid buying tickets off the streets.

While officials acknowledged common sense is key, its getting harder to recognize fake tickets from real ones.

UT Assistant Athletics Director for Ticket Operations Joe Arnone has been working at Tennessee for 11 years and said they always see counterfeit tickets for the Alabama and Florida home games.

"You really can't tell the difference between the real tickets, it's amazing actually," Arnone said.

It's getting harder to tell the difference between fake tickets and real ones. The University of Tennessee's ticket office says the season tickets on the left are real, while the ones on the right are fake.     

There were between 100 and 150 counterfeit tickets reported at the Florida game, according to Arnone.

And in some cases even authentic tickets may end up being fraudulent.

Arnone explained how if tickets were reported as stolen or lost, the original seller can get them reissued. So if someone buys stolen tickets those wouldn't work.

<p>UT Police is warning Vol fans about fraudulent tickets. The ticket office provided these single game tickets to show how hard it can be to tell real ones and fake ones apart. The top set is real, while the bottom one is fake. </p>

Officials advise fans should only buy from reliable sources.

However, if they decide to take on the risk of buying tickets off the street, UTPD gave a few tips to consider.

  • Ask to take a picture of the seller, look at driver's license. If they're legitimate, they should be good with that
  • Ask seller to walk with you to venue
  • If you have friends/relatives going to game check with them first
  • Don't buy from scalper, try to buy from an event goer
  • Avoid people who are saying they're buying tickets but also selling them
  • Does seller look like they belong there. Are they dressed for the game?
  • Look at tickets before buying from scalper, know what tickets should look like