Heal the Land, a Knoxville organization, welcomed rappers, poets, comedians to Overcoming Believers church.

It was part of a concert called "Silence the Violence", a free show to help stop gang violence in the area.

One of the rapper in the show, David Benton, is sharing his past to make sure the future of kids in the community is as safe. Benton served 13 years in prison for selling crack back in 2002.

"We actually did this type of event inside prison, so the response of guys who were incarcerated going through all their trials and struggles. When we made them smile, put a smile on their faces, we knew this could be something big."

David Benton, rapper and advocate.

Benton says the shows they put on are not just entertainment, they come with a purpose.

"We're showing unity. When these kids come, we want them to leave with something. We're going to make sure they sign up with certain organizations and centers that are here."

Benton says events like this are just the start for something he knows is about to become even bigger. 'Heal the Land' is a new organization in Knoxville. It aims to mend wounds from recent violence by spreading peace and support for the community.

The group started soon after Zaevion Dobson, 15, died in December 2015 shielding friends from random gunfire. Police say the shooting was gang-related. In April 2016, his 12-year-old cousin, Jajuan Latham, died in another case of gang violence. Police say that shooting was also gang-related.

Zaevion Dobson, Fulton High School
Jajuan Latham was killed in a Saturday night gang-related shooting.

Benton says his dreams now are being part of the solution.

To learn more about 'Heal the Land' visit www.overcomingbelieverschurch.org