ID=8797049Word of a possible pet concern is spreading through the internet, but vets are saying it's not true.

A pet owner in 2007 wrote on her blog that a vet told her giving ice water to your dogs causes "dangerous bloating and stomach spasms," but a veterinarian we spoke to said that's a completely untrue rumor.

"In our opinion that's false. There's no evidence medical or otherwise that giving your dog ice cubes or ice water will cause them to bloat or cause any medical harm to come to them," said Dr. Amanda Rainey with the Cedar Bluff Animal Clinic.

Rainey says to keep your dog from overheating, don't exercise them when it's too hot and definitely never leave them in your car.

Since dogs don't sweat, a good way to tell if they're overheating is excessive panting.

She says that giving your dogs ice water to drink is ok, but never pour cold water on them to cool them down, since that can actually cause their temperature to go up.