The Vols may be off the football field this weekend on their 'bye' but the vows are on for many East Tennessee couples tying the knot.

October is one of the busiest months for weddings already so add a free weekend from football and the number of couples saying 'I do' grows exponentially.

Kori and Matt Daniel, whose special day was Saturday, planned their fall wedding at their family lake house with the Vols football schedule in mind.

"If we wanted to pick another day it would just be him and I present pretty much and no one else would be here," Kori joked before she walked down the aisle.

She owes it to her sister for planning their date as Kori originally planned her big day to happen on a game day.

"You can't do it on any football weekend so that was out so the 22nd became my option," she said.

Kori and Matt aren't the only couples getting married this 'bye' weekend. Wedding videographer Don Samples said he's had this weekend booked for almost a year in advance.

"Whenever you have the open date whenever it's announced that's when we start getting phone calls for that date," Samples said. "This is the nutty weekend of the year."

Samples said the biggest difference between a wedding while the Vols are playing and a wedding on a 'bye' weekend is attendance and people being distracted by the game.

"You don't see guys running around to a TV or to their phones or things like that trying to see what the score of the game is," he said.

While Kori may not be the biggest football fan, as she admits she cheers but doesn't go to games, she's a Vol for life. She understands how important one moment, one touch and one move can change someone's life forever.