In this week's Volunteer Heart, a pair of Knoxville doctors with close ties to Haiti are working to provide extra relief in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Drs. Greg and Abby Blackmon provide year-round medical care for children at an orphanage in Haiti.

They work with a Knoxville organization called Harvest Field Ministries.

The Blackmons say it's been difficult for them to watch the devastation from Hurricane Matthew. The category 4 storm left hundreds dead and a path of destruction on the island nation.

The Blackmons were supposed to travel to Haiti soon to work with a school, but now they're refocusing their efforts to get basic necessities to the victims.

"In Les Anglais, the people need food and water. The cost of getting the food and water to them has been quite high. We were able to successfully send a barge with 50,000 meals around the Horn of Haiti from Port au Prince to Les Anglias. A second barge is underway but of course this is quite expensive," said Dr. Greg Blackmon.

Dr. Abby Blackmon is heading to Haiti this week.

For more on their organization and how to help, visit this website.