A Las Vegas commercial kitchen has turned into a sandwich assembly line, as volunteers make thousands of sandwiches for people helping victims of Sunday night's shooting.

They're delivering food to hospitals, police and firefighters.

Andrew Kobal, one of the volunteers, delivered one of the boxes of meals on Wednesday to Las Vegas Metro Police.

"It's a small town," Kobal said. "People think of Las Vegas as this grand place ... they come and play, but the community of people that live here is relatively small and everyone works in the same industry and it's like a family here."

Kobal's girlfriend was working at the concert when the shootings happened.

"I was actually at home, and I got a call from my girlfriend who was at the event and she says, 'Hey, I think there was a shooting," Kobal said. "I don't know what to do and I told her to run."

Kobal picked up several other strangers who were trying to run for safety.

Alex Lee is also one of several dozen volunteers making sandwiches and other meals for people impacted in the mass shooting.

"It's a positive way to grieve," Lee said. "People say they just can't sit here. They're restless and can't sleep. Well, come on in and help us out."

They've been finding out who needs help through Facebook and people in the community who let them know. Each sandwich is sealed with a message of hope and peace. There's a new quote everyday.

By the end of the week more than 4,000 sandwiches will be made in the kitchen.