Volunteers will come from across the country to help Roaring Fork Baptist Church in Gatlinburg rebuild.

The Sevier County wildfires burned the church to the ground. Since then, the congregation has been holding its services in a temporary location -- a pole shed at Camp Smoky.

On Sunday, over 120 leaders from 72 churches across the country sat in on Roaring Fork’s Sunday service. They announced their plans to help the church rebuild this summer.

Over 1,700 volunteers with Builders for Christ will arrive in late May to begin the rebuilding process.

"We do this because God has called us to do it," Lawrence Corley the project director of Builders for Christ said.

"We're going to build this church. It's going to go up fast and it's just going to be a sight to see," Mark Reams, a volunteer from Jacob’s Well Church in Wisconsin said.

Senior Pastor Kim McCroskey said rebuilding wouldn’t be possible without help from Builders for Christ.

"We couldn't have built both our buildings back for the insurance coverage we had. It just would've been impossible," McCroskey said.

Volunteers will spend their own money for transportation, lodging and food while they are in Gatlinburg. For them, the project is about building more than a church.

"It's about hearts and it's about connecting with people that are believers in Christ. Really, the church is worldwide. It's not just where we go on Sunday mornings," Reams said.

The congregation at Roaring Fork is grateful.

"Through these people right here, we're going to be able to get back in our building. Without them we couldn't do it," Don Ownby a member of Roaring Fork said.

"It means everything. We're going to be made whole again because of God's people coming together," McCroskey added.

The first group volunteers will arrive at the end of May. They will stay for about a week until the next group comes to take over. Builders for Christ will be working in Gatlinburg until the end of August.