This is why we can't have nice things.

Zoo Knoxville is home to a growing gorilla family that includes three babies. Little Andi is just about two months old, and spends most of her time clinging to mom Kowali. Her older siblings, Obi and Ubuntu, born last spring, are far more active. You can watch all of the action every day on our Gorilla Cam.

And that's where this story begins.

On Monday afternoon, the camera mounted from the ceiling of the exhibit showed a pretty common scene--- one of the toddler gorillas playing near mom, while the other was climbing up one of the swings hanging from the roof. He or she hangs out for a while, then slowly but surely, climbs towards the camera.

Then, exactly what you would expect to happen when an active and curious little gorilla goes exploring, happened.

The little gorilla's silhouette zooms closer to the cameras lens, then, whack! Suddenly, the camera is pointed directly towards the ceiling, and all you can see for a bit are two little hands, gripping the rails above it.

No harm was actually done. The camera was fine, and zoo keepers eventually used a remote to move the camera back into the correct position.

But it's so much fun watching these little guys grow and explore their habitat!!

You can watch them every day on our Gorilla Cam, or visit Zoo Knoxville to say hello to Bantu (father to all three babies), Hope, Machi, Kowali, Obi, Ubunto, and Andi.