An East Tennessee animal rescue is preparing for an influx of animals from people fleeing from Hurricane Irma.

The Pig Rescue in Jamestown has offered its 100 acre property to house pigs, horses, cattle, and other barnyard animals belonging to anyone in the storm's path.

Owner Rich Hoyle has been rescuing pigs for 29 years, and says he has more resources than other groups closer to the coast.

"We knew from experience with Harvey that the resources are already stretched so thin. All the rescuers are out there, so there's not a lot of effort that can concentrate whereever Irma goes," says Hoyle.

He says he's already had more than a dozen calls from people in Florida, North Carolina and Georgia.

The Pig Rescue plans to provide all the food, water, vet care and other resources those animals will need, as long as they need it.