On Saturday, wedding chapels across East Tennessee were booked full, as many couples had their hearts set on this date in October.

That's because it's the Vols bye week, and chapel owners say that helps drive people in.

“Every half hour to 45 minutes, we have a new wedding coming in,” Dale Workman, owner of the Wedding Bell Chapel in Pigeon Forge, said.

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On Saturday, the chapel had 14 weddings booked excluding walk-ins.

“We have diehard fans that don’t want to be at a wedding day while the games going on,” Workman said.

“A lot of the grooms, they don’t want to be gone. They could DVR it, but who wants to DVR it when you could watch it live.”

Bride Kirby Lane and her groom Chad Cornwell booked the date six months ago.

“When we did call, this was the last time they had for the day,” she said.

The two have been together for nine years and prefer the non-traditional venue.

“It’s exactly what we both wanted," Lane said. "We wanted to do something really small and just intimate and private."

The two stood hand-in-hand at the alter, and their two children were there to celebrate.

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“We’re not people that like to be out in front of everybody, so we wanted to do this by ourselves,” she said.

October is one of the busiest months for Wedding Bell Chapel. They marry anywhere from 300 to 400 couples.

“It’s the happiest day of their life, and it’s a memory that they’ll always come back to,” Workman said.