(WBIR - Knoxville) An East Tennessee church made a big donation over the weekend that could save countless lives in our community.

The West Emory Presbyterian Church handed over 150 new smoke alarms to the Knoxville Fire Department. Congregation members collected the life-saving tools as part of October's fire prevention month.

KFD plans to use the devices in its ongoing program which provides free smoke alarms to Knoxville residents who can't purchase one on their own.

Knoxville residents: Free smoke detector program

Knox County residents: Free smoke detector program

KFD spokesperson DJ Corcoran said although the church is small in numbers, they are making a big ripple in the community.

Sunday's donation also coincided with the end of daylight saving time, when we turn back clocks one hour.

"That's a time that firefighters always like to remind people once you change your clocks, to change your batteries or check your batteries in your smoke alarms and make sure they're working properly. Smoke detectors do save lives. Period," Corcoran said.

If you live within Knoxville city limits KFD will provide and install smoke alarms free of charge. Call 595-4672 or visit its website for more information.

Knox County runs its own free smoke detector program for its residents. You can get more information on that by calling 215-FIRE (215-3473) or by visiting its website.