(WBIR-Farragut) Neighbors near a popular road in Farragut say they are concerned about the possibility of a new apartment complex in the area.

TDK Construction is looking to build a 200-250 unit apartment complex off Grisby Chapel Road, near North Campbell Station.

Residents who live in surrounding subdivisions are worried about the proposal.

"The traffic is already pretty heavy in the morning and adding another 200, 250 more apartments-- that could be 400 to 500 more people potentially on those roads," said Brian Ticknor, who lives on Autumn Glade Lane.

Ross Bradley, vice president of development for TDK Construction said he is also concerned about the traffic. According to Bradley, they are performing a traffic study on Grisby Chapel Road.

They are also trying to be mindful of fitting the area's aesthetic.

"Instead of someone coming in with a typical apartment building that has 24 units in a building, we're coming in with a much smaller building that only has eight units in a building. So that it looks like a large home as opposed to a large apartment building," Bradley said.

TDK Construction has not formally submitted a proposal to the town of Farragut. The company is also involved in the Marble Alley project for Downtown Knoxville.

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission recently voted in favor of recommending changes to the zoning ordinance for multi-family residences (R-6).

"The original standard was really restrictive on the area that the properties could be done and there's several different changes," Bradley said.

One of those recommendations includes reducing setback requirements for buildings on a side/rear yard to 35 feet from the nearest side or rear property line (compared to 50 feet). According to Bradley, they plan a buffer of 75 feet for the apartment complex.

Ticknor believes approving the amendments to the zoning ordinance for multi-family residences will make it easier for developers to build larger apartment complexes.

"This area, Farragut specifically, has resisted for a long time," Ticknor said.

But the Board of Mayor and Alderman must still approve the recommended amendments to the zoning ordinance on first and second readings. It would only change the text of the ordinance.

If approved, TDK Construction would then submit a formal request to build.

The developer would still have to go through the process of getting the land rezoned. The proposal would go before the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission, followed by the Board of Mayor and Alderman.

Bradley plans to meet with residents in the Grisby Chapel Road area on September 24.