(WBIR) A Loudon man has died after being run over by his own vehicle.

Knoxville Police and firefighters were called to Cagle Terrace Apartments on Renford Drive at 10:40 am.

When they arrived, Wesley Paul Provost, 53, was trapped underneath the 1987 Nissan Maxima.

Investigators said Provost had gone to the apartment complex to help a friend remove the battery from his car. After the work was done, Provost returned to his car to move it into a parking place, but the car had a bad starter, and the engine wouldn't start.

Witnesses said Provost got out of the car to use a screwdriver to jump start the vehicle, and when the car started, it was already in gear and ran over him. There was no one else in the vehicle.

Bystanders were able to get the car in park after the accident, but could not free Provost from where he was trapped under the vehicle.

Provost was taken to UT Medical Center where he died of his injuries.