WBIR 10News set up a whiteboard Wednesday in Market Square, asking you who you lost in 2016 that you'll miss the most.

Responses varied from high profile celebrities to East Tennessee natives to friends and family.

Celebrities included the late musician David Bowie, boxer Muhammad Ali, actor Alan Rickman and Mexican pop icon Ruben Aguirre.

"I picked Muhammad Ali because he was the greatest boxer of all time," Bernardo Figueiredo said. "He was a source of inspiration for a lot of people."

Ken Kolbe wrote down the name of his best friend, Mike Palermo, who passed away from lymphoma. The two were best friends for 12 years, and sang together. Kolbe was on his way to Palermo's celebration of life in Raleigh when he stopped in Market Square.

"He used to do the doo-wop and I would do the Neil Diamond," Kolbe said. "It was a good couple of guys together and we just kind of fit together real well."

Twenty-year-old Shane Grace wrote Pat Summitt's name on the whiteboard.

"I think the way she handled the academic side of things (was impressive)," Grace said. "Her players had to maintain a very high GPA ... I think she's been the greatest inspiration to UT that I can think of, honestly."

Cancer survivor Melissa Ewing wrote down the name of her friend who passed away from cancer, Calvin Frazier. Ewing said she was diagnosed with cancer again just last week. She said the best way to honor Frazier's memory is to remember him and stay as strong as she can.

"I'm going to have to go in and fight one more time," Ewing said. "I have my god and my faith and I will get through this."