Wild Salmon Florentine with Almond Brown Butter


8          oz        Alaskan Wild Salmon

4          oz        olive oil

2          cups     fresh spinach

1          tsp       fine chopped shallots

1          oz        white wine

2          oz        whole real butter

1          oz`       almonds

1          pinch   chopped parsley

½         ea         lemon

Salt & Pepper


In a heavy sauce pan place 3 oz of olive oil, bring to medium temperature.  Place the salmon filet, skin side down in oil, season top with salt and pepper.  Allow to cook slowly, never turning, leave on one side until salmon is fully cooked except for the top portion.  Take out of pan and allow to rest.

In a separate pan, add 1 oz of olive oil and shallots, sauté. Add spinach and white wine, sauté until spinach is wilted, season with salt and pepper. Take spinach out of pan and place on plate, place the salmon on spinach.  Add the 2 oz of butter in sauté pan over high heat.  Allow butter to melt until it turns a light brown, pull off of heat.  Add almonds, parsley and squeeze the juice of ½ lemon.  Pour over salmon and serve.