One of three brothers injured in the Gatlinburg wildfires that claimed the lives of their parents has been released from a Nashville hospital.

Jared Summers, 22, along with his twin brother, Wesley and their older brother Branson, were hospitalized at Vanderbilt University Medical Center after they were caught in the fire Tuesday.

Their parents, Jon and Janet Summers, of Memphis, died in the fire, Jon Summers' brother Jim Summers said in a Facebook post Thursday.

Friday morning, Jim Summers posted an update about his nephews' physical and emotional state.

"Jared was discharged last night," Jim Summers said in the post. "Wesley and Branson are still recovering, but continue to improve. They remain off the ventilators, and vitals are good."

Jon and Janet Summers and their three sons left last weekend for Gatlinburg to celebrate Wesley and Jared Summers' 22nd birthday. They booked a lodge at Chalet Village, which is a couple miles west of downtown Gatlinburg.

As the wildfire spread, the family tried to flee in their car. Friends said their path was blocked by debris. They left their car and tried to flee on foot, but were separated.

Branson, 23, and Jared and Wesley were rescued and taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Jared Summers was released Thursday night. Wesley Summers remains in stable condition. Branson Summers is in critical but stable condition. His uncle said the fire damaged his lung and he had surgery Thursday to repair a small leak in his lung.

"The boys, swaddled in bandages with tubes hanging out and machines attached, were allowed to break quarantine, and were together in the same room, briefly, when I confirmed their parents' death. Their injuries pale in comparison with their grief. Their extended family and friends are now their family. They will be supported just as my brothers, sister and I were supported by a loving aunt and family 50 years ago when we learned that our mother had died, leaving three sons and a 2-year-old daughter," Jim Summers said in the post Friday morning.

There has been no information released by the family yet on the funeral services for Jon and Janet Summers.

This story originally appeared on The Commercial Appeal’s website.