Two Knoxville radio legends are saying goodbye.

WIVK's Andy and Alison hosted their morning radio show for almost exactly 20 years.

It became one of the top rated shows in the market.

They've won numerous awards, including six CMA's for Personalities of the Year and three awards for ACM Personalities of the Year. The team is consistently voted best morning show in Metro Pulse and the Knoxville News Sentinel’s poll.

Andy and Alison have spent the last 20 years not taking themselves too seriously.

"You know today has been really fun," said Andy.

"So that's the difference right?" said Alison.

"Because the first 20 years was not," said Andy.

Nothing changed in the last few hours of their morning radio show.

"The reason we got together to do a show because we got along so well initially, and we thought you know what? It would be fun to do a show together because we have the same sense of humor--at least we thought we did. We were wrong about that," said Andy, as they both laughed.

For their last show Friday, they took a look back.

"We have people that throughout the years--I'd be at the Kroger or where ever I was--and say hey, remember that time you did this? And I'd be like I don't remember that," said Alison. "So now, we're getting to go back and listen to all the things we had forgotten about in the last 20 years, and we're actually laughing along with it. Amazing isn't it?"

The laughs did eventually give way Friday morning, however.

When you're as close as they are--the tears had to come.

"You know it's being in the same room as your family, four hours a day," said Andy.

"(And we're) staring at each other," said Alison.

They revealed Andy's real name is actually Chris, but even though Andy is just a radio name, Andy and Alison is more than just a show.

"It's all about everybody else really, when it comes down to it," said Andy. "It's not just us."

"And we want to thank everybody," said Alison. "We have the best audience ever, and we just want to thank everybody for tuning in all these years."

Tony Randall and Kris Rochester will sign on starting Monday.