City work at three busy downtown Knoxville intersections will affect traffic starting Monday.

Workers will be putting in a "decorative stamped asphalt system" at Gay Street intersections with Clinch Avenue, Church Avenue and Cumberland Avenue.

The first project is Gay at Clinch, starting at 7 a.m. Monday, Sept. 11, and expected to continue through Friday, Sept. 15. Weather could affect the schedule, according to spokeswoman Kathleen Gibi.

After that, work is planned starting Sept. 18 for a week at Church. After that, work is planned for a week starting Sept. 25 at Cumberland.

The project is expected to finish mid-June 2016.

Each intersection will be shut down during the weeklong work, Gibi said. Traffic will be directed to nearby detour routes.

The city will install what looks like a brick surface that's meant to eliminate the need for ongoing brick maintenance. It'll appear similar to street crosswalks newly put in on Cumberland Avenue.

The surfacing will cover all of the three Gay Street intersections, according to the city.

Besides appearing better, it should also serve as a more obvious que to drivers to look out for pedestrians, Gibi said.

Residents may recall brick medallions formerly in place at downtown intersections. They didn't age well. The new surface is expected to endure better.

In a news release Wednesday, city engineering director Jim Hagerman said the work should also add to the "character" of downtown Gay Street.

Much work has been done -- and needed -- along Gay. Last year the city finished a major overhaul of the street, curb, landscaping and sidewalks in the 700 block, sometimes to the frustration of tenants and owners. KUB also performed sewer improvements.