ID=14013675ID=14008029Nashville's Metro police are asking residents near an extinguished tanker truck fire in The Nations neighborhood to shelter in place on Wednesday afternoon.

While the tanker truck fire has been extinguished near the intersection of Centennial Boulevard and 61st Avenue North, authorities say that fuel from the tanker has spilled into a sewer line.

Anyone in the area from 61st Avenue North and Centennial Boulevard to West Park are urged to shelter in place while the line is flushed.

Police will provide more details at a news conference scheduled at 2 p.m.

Five Metro Schools remain on lockdown and bus 205 from Pearl-Cohn High School will not leave the school because the route drops off students in the affected areas.

The schools include Cockrill Elementary, McKissack Middle, Bass Alternative Learning Center and The Academy at Old Cockrill. Nashville Prep is also on lockdown, Metro Schools said.

Officers reported an explosion in the area around 12:30 p.m., followed by secondary explosions in the sewer mains. Hazmat crews have been called to the scene, and police are blocking streets in the area.

The fire sent a thick cloud of black smoke into the sky near The Nations neighborhood.