BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (AP) - A massive sinkhole that swallowed eight sports carswon't be a permanent attraction at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky.

The museum's board voted Saturday to fill in the entire hole that opened up in February.

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Curiosity over the hole has revved up attendance and revenue for the museum in Bowling Green. But board members decided against preserving a portion of the hole because of added costs for safety features.

According to the NBC-affiliate in Louisville, the museum's executive director said the price tag to keep the hole would've been $1 million more than the cost to put the Skydome back how it was.

The station reported structural safety features needed to preserve the sinkhole would have changed its appearance drastically, making it no longer natural looking.

The sinkhole is scheduled to remain open to the public through its 'Vets 'n Vettes' event at the museum November 6-8.