ID=15089483SLIDELL, La. -- A YouTube video, posted by Slidell resident Scott McCain, starts off as a balcony-view shot of a beach in Destin.

McCain was there two Sundays ago wrapping up a guy's weekend with friends.

"My friend lost his keys and we were rummaging around the condo looking for his keys," said Matt Pecoraro. "Come to find out somebody bolted out the door and said, man, come see this hammerhead coming towards these people."

Despite the group's frantic warnings, laced with thick New Orleans accents, the video shows the swimmers not reacting. The group gets more nervous as they watch the shark start to chase a stingray.

"Once they're in a feeding frenzy or something, if it got close enough to those people, he was just going to bite what was near, and that's when the yelling started," said Patrick Trainor.

"We were screaming down and they disregarded it, looked like, he threw his hands up like 'yea right.' But when he finally figured out the shark was there it looked like he walked on water," said Pecoraro.

"It was like this is something that other people have to see. This is just crazy unbelievable, never seen anything like this before," said McCain.

So the video was put on social media instantly. By Wednesday, it's gotten more than 2 million hits, and the men have been contacted for interviews from as far as Australia.

"Top page of Yahoo yesterday, Inside Edition, it's incredible the hype we have," Pecoraro said. "No one would have realized it would have happened."

McCain said, "It makes me nervous, I've never had anything like this happen to me. It's kind of like winning the lottery."

And the group is making the most of their viral fame with t-shirts, a website and social media pages. But they're not just wanting to spread their story, they're also hoping to spread a very important message.

"If somebody's screaming from the balcony, 'get out the water,' definitely get out the water."

Once it's up and running, the group will be selling their "Get Out Da Wata" merchandise on their website,