This story will be updated throughout the evening with election night info, including results and insights from the 10News Information Center. We'll also take you behind the scenes as cover this important election.

12:35 pm. Time to call it a night, because tomorrow morning will be here before you know it! Stay with 10News for more analysis and indepth coverage on Friday. Full results page:

12:25 pm Talk about a close one! Looks like U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais eked out a narrow victory over challenger Jim Tracy, defeating the state senator by 35 votes.

11:52 pm. We're still working to get results from some counties, so our work isn't done yet!

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11:20 pm. Looks like no change in this part of East Tennessee's Congressional delegation-- Duncan, Fleischmann, and Roe all win.

11:10 pm. It appears Cong. Chuck Fleischman has retained his seat in a close race with Weston Wamp. Wamp has conceded. We are waiting to hear from the Congressman.

10:55 pm. Things are getting quiet at the Crown Plaza, as all the results are in. Sen. Stacey Campfield never made an appearance. We've left him a message in hopes of hearing from him tonight. He was defeated in the GOP primary by Richard Briggs.

10:40 pm. Just checked in on the Wamp/Fleischman race again.. it's still tight, but the incumbent may be pulling away. With 91% of the votes counted, he's pulled ahead by around 1200 votes.

10:30 pm. Things coming in fast and furious now! Watching some interesting local county races. Here's a big one in Monroe County. Randy White has defeated incumbent sheriff Bill Bivens, despite questions about whether White is eligible to serve. POST declared he wasn't eligible to serve after he was on the ballot. Bivens says he will file an injunction in the next 5 days.

9:52 pm. As expected, the battle between Weston Wamp and incumbenct Cong. Chuck Fleischmann is a close one! With 48% of the votes counted, Fleischmann leads by less than 700 votes! We'll keep a close eye on this one!

9:50 pm. AP declares Democrat Charles Brown as the primary winner. He will challenge Gov. Bill Haslam in November.

9:45 pm. Catching up on some Knox County races: looks like Ed Shouse is your new trustee. Foster Arnett retains his county clerk seat and Sherry Witt remains Register of Deeds.

9:40 pm. AP calling the US Senate GOP primary for Lamar Alexander.

9:35 pm. Richard Briggs just declared victory over Stacey Campfield at the GOP party. He took the podium, made a couple of jokes about the medical assistance he offered earlier, then thanked his family and supporters. He called it a "big victory" and a '"new direction." With 76% of the vote in, he led with 67.45% of the vote over Campfield's 26.92%.

9:32 pm. Knox County mayor Tim Burchett, who was unopposed, just took the podium at the GOP party to thank his supporters. He joked that this wasn't the most exciting thing that had happened to him lately-- he just got married!

9:25 pm. Some excitement at the Crowne Plaza. An attendee of the GOP party collapsed. Dr. Richard Briggs, who currently holds a lead over Sen. Stacey Campfield for his seat, came downstairs to offer assistance.

8:55 pm. AP: Rep. John Duncan, GOP, wins GOP primary for U.S. House, District 2, Tennessee. Will face Democrat Bob Scott in November. Duncan was first elected in 1988.

8:41 pm. Hmmm... State of Tennessee election results website is down. Hopefully they'll get it back up and running soon. We get state numbers from the Associated Press, and local numbers via every local election commission. We burn up the phone lines calling those busy offices all night long to bring you the results!

8:40 The AP has called the U.S. House, District 1, Tennessee Republican primary for incumbent Phil Roe.

8:35 pm. Early voting numbers are in for Knox County. Here's a quick snapshot of those: Lamar Alexander received more than 50% of early votes, Joe Carr with 37%. Richard Briggs takes an early lead in the local Senate race, with 68% of the vote over Stacey Campfield. Still very early.. and these are for Knox County ONLY.

8:31 pm. The AP has called the governor's race. Knoxville's Bill Haslam wins the GOP primary and a shot at a second four-year term. He'll face the winner of the Democratic primary in November and Independent candidate John Jay Hooker.

8:10 pm. Apparently they've just announced at GOP headquarters at the Crown Plaza that we should be getting the 1st Knox County numbers by 8:30 pm.

8:00 pm. Polls are closing across East Tennessee! We've still not heard of any serious voting problems. Hopefully, we'll start getting results soon and will pass those on as soon as we get them. Check out this page: for the latest results. You can also follow us on twitter @wbir or use the hashtag #wbirelection for results and get results on our Facebook page WBIR Channel 10.

6:30 pm. The early newscast is over. Time for a quick dinner break before the polls close and we all get busy for the rest of the night. Tonight's election night feast? We're all chowing down on some Buddy's BBQ!

5:00 pm. 5 o'clock already! The day is really going fast! Polls close in three hours, and folks who worked today are starting to head to their precincts to vote.

3:50 pm. From what we're hearing, it's been a pretty smooth day at the polls. In Knox County, lines have been moving quickly at most precincts. A big rush is expected this evening, as people vote when they get off work, so be prepared if you are voting after 5 pm. The polls close at 8 pm, but everyone in line at that time will get to cast their ballot. Reporter Evan Johnson is at the Cedar Bluff Middle School, which is usually one of Knox County's busiest polling places, so we'll be checking in with him throughout the evening, started at 4 pm.

2:30 pm. Election night really begins with our afternoon editorial meeting. Most of our staff works the evening shift, and this is when we all get together to make sure we know exactly what we are covering for the evening. We've done a lot of pre-planning up to this point, but this is the time when we evaluate the races we want to cover and make sure we're not missing anything.

We're covering a lot of key races tonight that have gotten a lot of attention.

Reporter Heidi Wigdahl and reporter Jacob Haskew are traveling to Chattanooga to cover the 3rd Congressional District GOP primary race between incumbent Chuch Fleischmann and Weston Wamp. Both sides have spent a lot of money on commercials and signs, and have traveled extensively through the district. Both are from the Chattanooga area and will be there tonight. Heidi will be there to get reaction from both candidates tonight.

Reporter Mary Scott and photographer Tim Dale are on their way to Nashville, where Senator Lamar Alexander is facing perhaps his biggest challenge yet from Joe Carr, with support from the Tea Party. We'll be watching this closely, and Mary will let us know what's going on in the state capital.

Knoxville's Republicans always gather at the Crown Plaza in downtown Knoxville on election night, and that's where you'll find reporters Jennifer Meckles, Steve Butera, and photographers Jim Martin and Thomas Gunter. Steve will focus on some key Knox County races, including trustee, clerk, and a couple of key school board seats. Jennifer will cover the competition between incumbent State Senator Stacey Campfield (7th District) and his challenger, Richard Briggs. A third candidate, Mike Alford, is also on the ballot, but he hasn't spent nearly the time and money that the other two candidates have.