(WBIR) Beginning on July 1st several new Tennessee laws will take effect.

Among the new laws is Governor Bill Haslam's anti-Meth law. It's one of the key pieces of legislation Governor Haslam supported this year. The new law limits the amount of pseudoephedrine people can buy to less than six grams a month. Pseudoephedrine is a key ingredient to make meth and lawmakers are hoping cutting down on sales of over-the-counter medications will help curb meth use.

Two laws in memory a Knoxville couple murdered in 2007 will also take effect. They're named after the victims, Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. The new laws aim to change the justice system. The Chris Newsom Act takes away the state's 13th juror rule, which requires a judge to sign a unanimous verdict. The Channon Christian Act prevents attorneys from bringing up allegations of a victim's past that are not related to the case

Yet another law is named after an East Tennessee victim. Amelia's Law allows judges to order offenders and parolees to wear a monitoring device if alcohol or drugs played a role in their crimes. The device tests blood for alcohol and drugs every 30 minutes on convicted criminals.

Finally, there's the law aimed at protecting unborn children. Under the new law, prosecutors could charge any mother caught abusing drugs while pregnant unless she seeks treatment.