Election officials recounted every vote in Thursday's state primary and county general election in Roane County.

This comes after one early voting memory card where the votes are stored was not turned in Thursday night. Election Commissioner Charles Holiway said the card held 1,300 votes.

Officials said the error was a human one and they don't believe the card was tampered with.

The election commission spent Friday running all of the election cards through the computers again, just to verify the votes.

Holiway said they were worried about two races. So far the additional votes have only changed the outcome in the circuit court clerk race.

Ann Goldston, who went to bed Thursday night thinking she'd lost by 200 votes, learned Friday those additional votes put her over the top. Goldston ended up defeating Sarah Stewart by less than 500 votes.

Goldston has worked as a deputy clerk for nearly a decade. She cried and hugged the election official when she learned she would keep her job.

"It's just been a roller coaster between last night [Thursday] being so down. This has been my career for nine years and then this morning wake up and everything has just changed," Goldston said.

It appears no other races were affected.

The results will be certified next Friday.