A town hall meeting with U.S. Rep. Phil Roe drew many people from both sides of the aisle to Greeneville Monday night. 

Roe, a Johnson City Republican representing Tennessee's First District in Congress, spoke for about 20 minutes before taking questions from the audience. 

Many of the questions focused on a brand new health care bill meant to replace the Affordable Care Act. Roe is a member of the committee that drafted the Republican replacement bill.

Roe said the new plan "will cover more people," and also keeps some parts of the ACA. 

"It does not rescind the 26 year olds. They can stay on their parents plan. Lifetime limits. Preexisting conditions. All of that is covered under our plan," he said. 

He told constituents the goal of the bill is to have the entire American population insured, and he wants a new health care law to be in place quickly. 

"The plan is to have this bill passed and on the president's desk by Easter," Roe said. 



Attendees also questioned the congressman about veterans' medical care through the Veterans Administration.

"It's been getting worse the last few years," said Sgt. Gaylon Taylor, a veteran, speaking about the VA system. "Something's gotta change. It's affecting a lot of vets and I'm concerned about that." 

Roe, who is also a doctor, said it's a top priority for him to help veterans get the care they need. 



As the congressman answered questions inside the Greene County Courthouse, a crowd of people raised their voices in protest outside the building. With signs and megaphones, the crowd voiced their opposition to recent actions by the White House.