(WBIR, NBC) A powerful storm spawned twin tornadoes in Nebraska that killed at least two people and critically injured others.

The double tornadoes plowed over the tiny farming community of Pilger, Neb. late Monday. Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger said the tornadoes destroyed everything it their paths.

"The village of Pilger is basically what we would say, the majority of the village is destroyed," said Unger.

At least two people are dead and close to two dozen injured after the twisters ravaged the small farming community of less than 400 people.

"It's just unbelievable cause you're just kind of in a state of shock because you can't believe that it can be gone so fast," said Mary Ann Wimhoff, who survived the tornadoes.

The governor of Nebraska has declared a state of emergency and will visit the town on Tuesday.