ID=8491359(WBIR) One of East Tennessee's congressmen is helping the effort to investigate the Veteran Affairs scandal.

Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) serves on the Veterans Affairs Committee and its Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee.

The 1st District representative said Congress has the opportunity to fix problems with the VA that could have a lasting impact for years to come.

"Most of our veterans are getting excellent care at VA hospitals," Roe told WBIR 10News on Friday. "There are a lot of dedicated people working at VAs. I'm a doctor, physician. I'm a veteran. I have a VA hospital a mile from my front door where I live in Johnson City, and there are a lot of terrific people who work there. But not all the VAs provide that kind of care, I think, and we're finding that out in these investigations. Really it's troublesome to me. So we have an opportunity - a unique opportunity."

In 1973-1974, Rep. Roe served as an Army medic in Korea. Next week, he will kick off his campaign to run for a fourth term in Washington D.C.