(THE TENNESSEAN) Murfreesboro mosque opponents will take their case to the U.S.Supreme Court after state supreme court justices declined to take it up.

Their attorney, Joe Brandon, said many unresolved issues remain and demand the high court's attention. For instance, it went against a basic court doctrine when defendants got a federal court to halt a state court's ruling in the case, he said.

The plaintiffs' underlying argument is that citizens of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County did not receive adequate notice that the planning commission was approving mosque construction. The mosque has been open for a year.

"When we tried this case, the courts saw it our way," Brandon said. "It's only been these appellate courts that didn't. At the appellate level, they said, 'We agree, we're just going to reverse his ruling.'"

Meanwhile, members of the mosque rejoiced with today's news.

"We always believed in our justice system and that truth and justice would be served in this country," said spokesman Saleh Sbenaty. "We had no doubt whatsoever that this case had no ground. It highlights discrimination not only against the Muslim community, but also the community in Murfreesboro in general, because that's made up of all faith groups and backgrounds and fabric of life."