Work will begin soon on a project to improve traffic flow around a West Knox County interstate exit.

TDOT will start work to adjust the Campbell Station Road ramps this fall. Contractors will add an extra lane westbound just past the exit to help traffic exit safely off the interstate. They'll also add a traffic light for eastbound traffic exiting onto Campbell Station Road.

TDOT says the project is designed to fix traffic safety concerns.

"What you'll see right now, especially during peak hours, during rush hour, a lot of that traffic leaving I-40 West, going to Campbell Station Road, that traffic will back up close to the interstate. You know, back up sometimes on the shoulder. So what this project is going to do, it's going to extend that lane over there so you're not going to have those traffic back-ups," said TDOT Spokesperson Mark Nagi.

TDOT will review bids over the next few weeks then award a contract for the work. A construction start date won't be set until the contract is ready.

The project is scheduled to be finished by June 30th of next year.

TDOT also is working on expanding a lane on Interstate 40 between Pellissippi Parkway and Lovell Road, so traffic exiting Pellissippi won't have to merge with the interstate to get off at Lovell.

That work is expected to be finished by mid-November.