A construction project in west Knoxville may cause some headaches now, but in the long run, officials think it will be more convenient and safer for drivers.

Construction crews have started work to expand a lane of Interstate 40 between the Pellissippi Parkway and Lovell Road exits, and those orange barrels are making the lanes pretty narrow.

So what are they working on?

Right now, drivers taking Pellissippi Parkway to Lovell Road have to merge onto I-40 West first before getting to the Lovell Road exit. This project will change that. It will continue that lane to Lovell Road, so drivers coming from Pellissippi Parkway don't have to merge.

"That's an area that is certainly growing. A lot of folks have moved out into that area, folks go shopping in the Turkey Creek area, so we think that that's a project that will allow folks to get to their destination as quickly and as safely as possible," said TDOT spokesperson Mark Nagi.

Work is expected to be complete by mid-November.