ID=7854451(WBIR) Across the county, millions are getting ready to travel the roads visiting family and friends for Easter weekend. The Tennessee Department of Transportation said it's stopping all interstate construction for the weekend to make for better travel.

TDOT said road work that requires lane closures will be halted until Monday, April 21 at 6:00 a.m., but drivers must still obey work zone speed limits despite the construction suspension due to the temporary layout of the roadway. TDOT said the work zone speed limits will be enforced.

Despite the busy travel weekend, AAA of East Tennessee said drivers should not let the traffic and stress get to them.

"We understand that people in front of us are going to do something stupid in front of us and not to let that get to us. It just ruins the trip if we get too upset about it," said Public Affairs Director Don Lindsey.

Lindsey said all drivers should have a few items in their vehicle while hitting the highways this holiday weekend: a cellphone, tools to change a tire, gloves, a flashlight, and flares or reflective triangles. Lindsey said it's important all drivers check the tires before heading out.

"That's all that holds the car on the road. If the tires aren't right, the car isn't safe. Make sure they're at least aired up as well as they should be, to the number on the car's door panel, and make sure there's enough tread," Lindsey said.

Lindsey also said to make sure the driver is well rested and passengers wear seatbelts while traveling. He also recommends those traveling stay in contact with a trusted neighbor and keep them updated on your travel progress.

For travel and TDOT construction information, visit the TDOT SmartWay web site at or download the new TDOT SmartWay mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Android. Travelers can also dial 511 from any land-line or cellular phone for travel information or can follow 511 on Twitter at for statewide travel information.