Nearly 300 directors and top executives at VA hospitals that are under investigation for long wait times received bonuses in the last year. That list includes three VA leaders in Tennessee.

In all of the VA hospitals under investigation, USA Today found higher-ups earned more than $380,000 in bonuses. The bonuses are just some of the $2.7 million in extra pay doled out to top officials at the VA.

INVESTIGATION: VA bonuses went to officials at delay-prone hospitals

One of the Tennessee officials works at the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System in Nashville, which according to USA Today, has the longest average wait times of anywhere in the country.

The data found Vincent Alvarez made more than $8,600 in bonuses as a doctor in Nashville.

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Charlene Ehret, the health care system director at the Mountain Home VA hospital in the Tri-Cities, made $10,000. That hospital ranked 21st worst in the country for wait times for new patients.

Keith Thompson, director of the Veterans Benefits Administration office in Nashville, made more than $8,500 in bonuses.