Feels like '92?

Tennessee's 2016 football season has taken some crazy turns.

After the loss to South Carolina, this season looks eerily similar to the 1992 Vols' campaign:

Beat Florida and Georgia.

In control of SEC East.

Lose to SEC West foe in wild game.

Beaten by dominant Alabama team the next week on the Third Saturday in October.

Bye week to rest after 'Bama game, followed by a loss in a close game to an unranked South Carolina team led by a freshman quarterback.

Check, check, check, check and check. Both 2016 and 1992 have all of those things in common.

However, each season has its own quirks.

I don't have an injury report on the '92 season, but I doubt it comes close to matching '16.

'92 had the added interesting element of Johnny Majors recovering from open heart surgery while offensive coordinator/interim coach Phillip Fulmer led the Vols to big early season wins.

2016 has the Hail Mary (or the Dobbnail Boot, if you prefer).

1992 Vols fans wanted the offensive coordinator to become the head coach at Tennessee (and he did).

2016 Vols fans would rather see the offensive coordinator become the head coach at Bearden High School (and he won't).

Those 1992 Vols didn't make it to the first ever SEC Championship Game (held at Legion Field in Birmingham), thanks to that loss to South Carolina.

Because of that loss, that Tennessee team needed late-season help from Auburn (to beat Georgia) and South Carolina or Vanderbilt (to beat Florida). It didn't get it.

This year's Vols need help too.

Arkansas and LSU seem more capable of providing it than any of those 1992 squads.

Will history repeat itself or can these Vols find a little more magic?