By Wes Rucker /

Kippy Brown, a longtime former assistant coach at Tennessee and in the NFL and an East Tennessee native, said Monday that he still thinks Lane Kiffin is “not a bad guy” and would still be a really good fit as the head coach at Tennessee.

Brown, from nearby Sweetwater, served as the Vols’ wide receivers coach from 1983-89 and 1993-94 before coming back to Knoxville to work for Kiffin in 2009 — right before Kiffin left Tennessee for the job at USC — was asked how much he wanted to “kick Kiffin’s (butt) when he left” Knoxville.

The coach shook his head and said he didn’t blame Kiffin for taking a job he’d always wanted, and that Kiffin — who's currently the offensive coordinator at Alabama — still doesn’t harbor any ill will toward the Tennessee program and its fan base.