March is the most important time of the year for a basketball team.

Not just the players and coaches, but the moms too.

We talked with several Lady Vol moms after Tennessee's first round win over Dayton and it took some effort to get here to Louisville.

Jaime Nared’s mom Reiko Williams didn’t sleep much Friday night. She jumped on a red-eye flight in Portland at midnight and arrived in Louisville at 11 a.m. Saturday morning.

Jordan Reynolds' mom, Kimberly James, came all the way from Los Angeles and she was sitting next to Tish DeShields, who got a chance to watch her daughter Diamond play in the NCAA tournament for the first time.

We asked the mom’s what their demeanor is like in the stands during the game.

"I’m very nervous, just really bad. I told someone today I had noodle nerves, that’s what I call them," Tish DeShields said. “I have to sit by myself for the most part. I’m jumping, I’m kicking, I’m grabbing.”

“It’s just whenever she’s on the court, I’m just a big bag of nerves. Because I know she goes so hard. Sometimes I don’t even think she understands how high she’s getting. It’s so effortless, it appears. And I’m like ‘Oh my god, she’s going to hit her head on the backboard,’ ‘cause she just goes all out."

Nared's mom has been to about six games this season, despite having to travel all the way from Oregon. She says she's the same way as Mrs. DeShields.

"My daughters are like ‘Calm down, relax!’ ‘Cause I get so into it. I get excited. I know how much passion they all have for the game, and it’s exciting to watch. I love to see them win. Win or lose, I just love to support them," Reiko Williams said.

Jordan Reynolds is the last of Kimberly James' five children to still be playing, so she's cherishing every moment.

And she's really into the game.

“I’m the mother they turn around and tell to be quiet. I’m probably the loudest one you hear up there," James said with a laugh. "I will jump and scream and stand up and I’ll talk to the refs a little bit, encourage them to be right. I’m very boisterous in the stands, it’s just I got a love for the game.”

In case you're wondering, yes Jordan can hear her mom from the court.

“She tells me that Holly says, ‘Yeah, what Jordan’s mom’s saying up there.’ So I know they hear me. If they would just do it…yeah, they ask me to quiet down a bit.”