A misdemeanor domestic assault charge against University of Tennessee defensive tackle Alexis Johnson was dismissed Monday in Knox County General Sessions Court, records show.

Johnson, who turns 21 on Tuesday, remained trouble-free for six months, the term of an agreement reached in April between prominent defense attorney Gregory P. Isaacs and the Knox County District Attorney General's Office.

Knox County authorities originally charged him with two felonies - aggravated assault and false imprisonment - in connection with the alleged assault Valentine's Day of a young woman he'd dated. The woman alleged he held her against her will and tried to choke her at his Volunteer Hall apartment.

The district attorney's office and Isaacs agreed to change the case to a misdemeanor and give Johnson six months to show he could behave.

Knox County General Sessions Court Judge Chuck Cerny approved of the deal and set the case for a report back Monday.

The court then dismissed the case on Monday.

Johnson was suspended after his February arrest. He's back now with the team .

The alleged victim was a late addition to a sweeping gender discrimination lawsuit filed earlier this year by a group of young women against the University of Tennessee. UT eventually settled the lawsuit for about $2.48 million, to be shared among the plaintiffs.