You more than likely didn't know much about fourth-year junior Paul Bain until Monday night.

The defensive tackle got two fingers on Georgia Tech kicker Shawn Davis' kick, blocking the game-winning field goal as the final three seconds ticked off the clock at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

It was Bain's first game on the field goal blocking unit. It was also a game that will one day go down in Tennessee lore. And, of course, it was Bain's best moment as a Vol so far.

"It ranks right up there as number one," Bain said after the game. "But I hope it's not number one for long, because I expect to have a lot more bigger memories and bigger moments in my football career."

Without Bain's field goal block, Tennessee doesn't get to duel the Yellow Jackets and win 42-41 in a double-overtime thriller.

"We never had doubt," Bain said of his team. "We're just cut from a different cloth from a lot of teams. But we were made for this. We were made for pressure situations and we're made for the grind."

Bain transferred to UT after redshirting his first year at Tusculum. The six-foot-five, 290-pound tackle expects things to be back to normal at class Tuesday.

"I'm still Paul Bain from Champs," Bain said with a laugh.

Bain's family hails from the Marietta, Georgia area; all of his father, mother, brother, and three best friends all got to see him make the play. They'll also watch him play Saturday, Sept. 9 against Indiana State at Neyland Stadium.

His family provides inspiration for him, as well as his faith.

"Every night, I've been seeing things," Bain said. "God shows me what I'm going to do and where I'm going to go. Every day I just go out there with that dream and work at it. I always tell myself when things are hard, when you see the destination, the journey doesn't mean much, 'cause you know where you're going to end up in life if you keep having faith in it."