Leading up to Tennessee's September 4 season opener against Georgia Tech, WBIR will be featuring 22 Vols in player profiles, giving you a chance to get to know them better off the field plus analysis on the players from Wes Rucker of govols247.com.

Justin Martin is a starting cornerback entering his senior year at Tennessee.

Martin transferred from Northeast Oklahoma A&M his sophomore year, and had an immediate impact on the team. He played in all 13 games and started the last six games in his first year as a Vol.

He is a big video gamer and loves friend food.

Analysis from Wes Rucker of govols247.com

"This is a guy who's a fun-loving kid. I think free-spirited maybe is the best way to describe him. Free-spirited and frustrating. There are times where yo watch practice and you clearly see he's one of the best athletes on the field every time he steps on the field. He has every single physical skill you could want in a cornerback. He's got great size, great length, great speed, and he moves really well. He's quick despite being a guy that's a taller cornerback, and he's not afraid to go hitch it either. This is a guy who has all the tools to do it, he just has to focus, bear down, and get the thing done the way he needs to. And, I think the reports coming out of pre-season camp and really the summer before that were that he's starting to mature, he's starting to grow up. This is a guy that always thought he was going to be an NFL player, but at some point you have to go put good film on the field on Saturdays if you want to go play on Sundays. I think he could be a guy who everything kind of comes together for him his senior season."